The Oregon Health Authority (OHA) has announced that reporting of data for the Oregon Performance Plan has been put on a temporary hold during the Covid 19 crisis. This means that ACT programs are not required to submit their data into OAD for Quarter 1 2020 if this is not possible. It has not been made clear from OHA, if these data will be required to be submitted at a future date. Brenda Dennis, the ACT Services Coordinator at OHA is seeking clarification on the expectations for data collection and submission of the data.

We have already heard from several ACT teams that they will continue to collect and enter OHA required data into OAD throughout this COVID-19 emergency, since it is a part of their other information tracking, sharing, and planning activities regarding ACT services. I wanted to confirm that participant care is the first priority and making sure you and your teams have the capacity to serve people comes first. However, we encourage ACT teams that have the ability to continuing data collection and entering data into OAD to continue to do so.

I (Alyssa) will continue to support teams in using the OAD web-based portal. OAD will remain up and running and available for entry and export of ACT data. I will also be available to help teams enter data into OAD if you are wanting to still collect data but don’t have capacity to do the data entry into OAD. Reach out to me directly via phone (541-450-5233) or email ( to coordinate that.
Thank you for continuing to prioritize the health and safety of staff and participants during this time.
Please forward your questions to Alyssa Kerlinger or Heidi Herinckx and we will continue to work with OHA to get you the best information we can during these rapidly changing times.