Please give a warm welcome to OCEACT’s new statewide trainer, Christina Lindsey!

Christina Lindsey graduated from The University of Oregon in 2003, with a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology. She then spent several years in various customer service positions before landing on an ACT Team in Arizona. There, Christina became very passionate about adult mental health, recovery, and the ACT model in particular. After a year and half in Arizona, Christina followed her husband back to Oregon and secured a place as the Peer Support Specialist for the Laurel Hill Center ACT Team. Christina was with Laurel Hill for four years and is excited for new experiences as a Statewide Trainer with OCEACT.

Christina is a self-professed “nerd” who enjoys science fiction, anime, and comic books. She also enjoys crafting, knitting, and gardening. Christina and her husband like to spend time together playing video games, bike riding, and analyzing the plots of television shows.