Peer Collaboration Calls - 6x4 - Text

OCEACT hosts a collaboration call for ACT peer specialists on the second Monday of every month at 11 a.m.  Calls are hosted by OCEACT, however, content is provided by peer specialists around Oregon and the call is primarily an opportunity for peer specialists to share and discuss resources to provide high quality recovery-based peer services to ACT participants around Oregon.

Calls are intended to be interactive and typically utilize OCEACT’s conference line.  To learn more, or to participate in these calls, please contact Ben Yoder or  Heidi Herinckx.


January 2019:  EIMR – Jason Morrow

February 2019: Eight Dimensions of Wellness – Christina Lyndsey

March 2019: SAMSHA’s 10 Principals of Recovery

April 2019: Health at Every Size

May 2019: CBSST

June 2019: No Peer Call due to OCEACT conference

July 2019: ACT Partcipant Advocacy

August 2019: Peer Support Specialist vs. Skills Trainer

September 2019: Boundaries

October 2019: Self-Motivation and Self-Advocacy


January 2018:  Beyond the Role of Engagement Specialist, ACT Peer Roundtable
February 2018: Peer Specialist promoting Recovery Based Care
March 2018: 10 Guiding Principals of Recovery from SAMSHA
April 2018: Recovery Goal Setting
May 2018: Recovery Goals in Action
June 2018: Breakout for Conference and Peerpocalypse Discussion
July 2018: Promoting Wellness


    • August 2017: CBSST
      September 2017: Peer Success Stories, positive outcomes
      October 2017:  Peer Specialist Open Forum, Jason Morrow
      November 2017: CBSST Implementation, Sierra Morgan
      December 2017:  Group Skills, EIMR and Peer Facilitation, Jason Morrow