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The Oregon Center of Excellence for Assertive Community Treatment is funded through, and works closely with, the Oregon Health Authority’s Health Systems Division (HSD).

Oregon Administrative Rules (OARs) 309-019-0225 through 309-019-0255 governing the provision of ACT services.  To view these OARs on the State of Oregon website, please click here. Here is a pdf of the OARs.

In an effort to provide Oregon ACT programs with clear guidance around billing and operational practices, HSD has provided OCEACT with a number of policy statements regarding providing and billing for ACT services.

Health Systems Division Policy Statements:

To access Contract-Related Documents for Assertive Community Treatment, please click here.

To contact the Health Systems Division for general information on Assertive Community Treatment, please contact

Blanca Fernandez, MSW
Co-Occurring Treatment Services Specialist


Ben Teese
Forensic Program Coordinator