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Jeff - 216x216Jeff Krolick, Director of Special Projects
Phone: 541-840-5614

 Jeff Krolick received his M.A. in Counseling Psychology from Lesley University and has worked in the mental health field for 26 years as a direct service provider and administrator. He is a strong advocate for recovery oriented services including Evidence-based Supported Employment and Assertive Community Treatment. In1998 he lead the effort to secure SAMHSA funding to successfully implement a high fidelity supported employment program in Josephine County, Oregon. Jeff has served on a variety of State and regional committees including Governor Kulongowski’s Mental Health Task Force and was the Oregon Psychiatric Association’s recipient of their 2010 Access Award for his efforts over the past decade promoting supported employment in Oregon. Jeff is currently the Special Projects  Director at Options for Southern Oregon and the administrator for the Oregon Supported Employment Center for Excellence and the Center of Excellence for Assertive Community Treatment.


Heidi - 216x216Heidi HerinckxDirector of OCEACT
Phone: 541-507-7125

Heidi Herinckx joined Options for Southern Oregon in July 2013 and serves as the Director for Research and Evaluation as well as the Director for the newly created Oregon Center of Excellence for Assertive Community Treatment (OCEACT).  Heidi has over 20 years experience helping mental health programs implement and evaluate evidence based practices.
Prior to joining Options, Heidi was a mental health services researcher at the Regional Research Institute  at Portland State University for 18 years.  Heidi has worked with a number of mental health and social service agencies in Oregon and Washington with the primary goal of advancing and improving mental health care and community-based services.  Heidi’s areas of expertise include Assertive Community Treatment, Strengths case management, supported employment, the Matrix model for methamphetamine addiction, mental health court and therapeutic jurisprudence, peer providers and person-centered service design.
Over the past 20 years, Heidi has implemented and evaluated ACT programs in Oregon and Washington. Heidi was the project manager for this  randomized clinical trial that compared the effectiveness of consumer providers of ACT,  non-consumer providers of ACT, and “ mental health services as usual.” From 2004 through 2008, Heidi helped implement and evaluate the COMET program in Clark County Washington and the MERIT program in Josephine County Oregon.  The COMET Program was an ACT team that combined the MATRIX model to treat individuals with serious mental illness and a co-occurring methamphetamine addiction.


216 x 216 - BenBen Yoder, ACT Statewide Trainer
Phone: 541-600-6102

Ben Yoder is a graduate of The University of Oregon, long-time Oregon resident, and advocate for the SPMI population. He spent his first few years post-graduation working on campus for environmental concerns and shortly thereafter transitioned into a recovery specialist position with The Laurel Hill Center. There, he studied under Mary Alice Brown, PhD., well known advocate for the rights of the under-served and former president of USPRA. After a 15 year tenure and development of the Laurel Hill ACT program, Ben transitioned to the position of statewide trainer with OCEACT. He is currently conducting program reviews and providing technical assistance and support to ACT teams across the state
Ben serves the community in his free time as president and board member of a local HOA and supports the local efforts of elementary and middle schools. When he is not playing any variety of music instrument or spending time with his Boston Terrier, he enjoys hiking, kayaking, snorkeling rivers and lakes, biking, attempting to surf, and playing sports with his two sons, who are 9 and 12. Kristi is Ben’s long-time partner and she works as an account rep. for a successful organic produce company, distributing produce throughout the western states. They met at the Urban Farm at the University of Oregon and continue to share strong values in fair trade, gardening, and the therapeutic value of helping something grow. Salud!


Shane Semin, ACT Statewide Trainer
Phone: 541-295-5118

Shane grew up in Ashland, Oregon and feels lucky to be a 34 year resident of Southern Oregon. Shane experienced adversity in his teens and early 20’s and was fortunate enough to find recovery at 22 years old. Shane started to find different opportunities for himself and as a young man, Shane found himself working manual labor, mostly having to do with production and Mill work. After years of manual labor work, Shane was able to use the wisdom of his father and “use the thing on his shoulders for something other than a hat rack”. Shane returned to school in his Mid 20’s and he was determined to become a long term residential Alcohol and Drug counselor. Upon graduation, he was able to secure one of only two local positions that fit this bill. Shane worked 7 plus years in a residential setting, providing addictions counseling  to adult males who could bring one child in to residence and gain substance abuse treatment along with parenting skills.  Shane made another change and went into outpatient Opiate replacement therapy. After four years working with the opiate dependent population, he found himself with another opportunity for change and worked on the Access to Recovery Grant with Jackson County Mental Health. When this grant came to an end, the agency was ready to start an Assertive Community Treatment team. Shane worked on the Jackson County Mental Health ACT team as the Substance Abuse Specialist for nearly 4 years.  Recently, Shane was prompted to apply for a position for the Oregon Center of Excellence for Assertive Community Treatment, where two of his friends were currently working. Shane was offered the position of ACT Statewide Trainer and feels blessed to be part of this amazing team!


Christina Lindsey, ACT Statewide Trainer
Phone: 541-613-6766

Christina Lindsey graduated from The University of Oregon in 2003, with a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology. She then spent several years in various customer service positions before landing on an ACT Team in Arizona. There, Christina became very passionate about adult mental health, recovery, and the ACT model in particular. After a year and half in Arizona, Christina followed her husband back to Oregon and secured a place as the Peer Support Specialist for the Laurel Hill Center ACT Team. Christina was with Laurel Hill for four years and is excited for new experiences as a Statewide Trainer with OCEACT.
Christina is a self-professed “nerd” who enjoys science fiction, anime, and comic books. She also enjoys crafting, knitting, and gardening. Christina and her husband like to spend time together playing video games, bike riding, and analyzing the plots of television shows.


Cathy Bozarth, ACT Statewide Trainer
Phone: 541-450-5044

Cathy earned her Master of Arts in Counseling:  Clinical Mental Health from Adams State University at   Alamosa, Colorado.   Cathy spent over twelve years working in community mental health in Grand Junction, Colorado.  In that time Cathy held various positions working in the hospital, as part of the mobile crisis outreach team, and finally as part of the outpatient leadership team.  Cathy relocated to the Medford area two years ago and in that time worked as part of the Options Jackson County ACT team.  Cathy is looking forward to working with ACT teams in this new capacity as a statewide trainer.
Cathy most enjoys spending her free time in the outdoors, especially camping and most recently has taken up kayaking.  She also enjoys time with family and friends who continue to visit from California, Colorado, and Washington.


Asia Gray, ACT Statewide Trainer
Phone: 541-450-5483

Asia is an Oregon native, born and raised in the Portland area. Currently, she lives in St Helens Oregon with her partner Len and 3 of their 4 children. Their oldest daughter lives with her mom.
Asia returned to school in her twenties as a nontraditional student, and received a Ford Restart scholarship. She completed her Masters degree at Portland State University in 2013. Her background is working in rural community mental health, and she has been in several roles across the continuum of care for folks living with serious mental illness. In 2017, Asia implemented a high fidelity ACT team and served as team lead. She is passionate about social justice, especially health equity, and environmental stewardship.
Asia enjoys being in the woods, gardening and learning about plants, reading and listening to audio books, walking and hiking, and finding secret swimming holes and beautiful places near rivers and creeks.
She is grateful for the opportunity to serve the community by joining OCEACT!


Alyssa Kerlinger, OCEACT Research Associate
Phone: 541-450-5233

Alyssa has been working for Options for Southern Oregon since 2017, where she serves as the Research Associate for the Oregon Center of Excellence for Assertive Community Treatment.  She has conducted statewide program evaluations on the effectiveness of ACT and manages ACT outcome reporting to the Oregon Health Authority. 
Alyssa has a bachelor degree in Sociology and certificates in Nonprofit Management and Regional Studies and Applied Social Research from Southern Oregon University. While finishing her degree, Alyssa partnered with the Southern Oregon University Research Center to study student retention, analyzing the obstacles SOU students face to reach graduation. During her studies, she assisted with other research projects including the Jackson County Health and Human Services’ Standardized Tobacco Assessment for Retail Settings and co-authoring a paper on Food Insecurity and Food Values Among America’s Poor. With her knowledge of the barriers that college students face, Alyssa started her career after graduation at Jackson County Mental Health as a Supported Education Specialist. There, she was able to assist individuals in overcoming barriers to achieve their education goals. 
With a love for understanding and learning about people, Alyssa spent several years before college traveling through China, Puerto Rico, Israel and Kenya. In her free time, Alyssa enjoys continuing to travel, reading a good book, and camping or rafting with her husband and two dogs.