OCEACT sponsors an annual statewide conference on ACT and other relevant evidence based practices in mental health treatment.  The conference is free to attend for Oregon ACT providers.

The 2018 statewide conference had some amazing speakers including, Helle Thorning, Mark Salzer, and Patricia Nemec. Click here to view some of their presentations.








The 2017 statewide conference had some amazing speakers including, Kim Mueser, Mandy Davis, and Luis Lopez.  We had our largest conference yet with over 175 attendees!






2016 - 6x4 - Text

There were 154 attendees at the 2016 conference!  The conference hosted keynote speakers Eric Granholm, Ellis Amdur, and Stacy Smith.






2015 - 6x4 - TextThe 2015 statewide conference hosted incredible speakers, including Kim Mueser, Peggy Swarbrick, and Phil Shapiro.  Click here to browse presentations.







2014 - 6x4 - TextOCEACT’s first annual statewide conference hosted some excellent speakers, including Maria Monroe-DeVita, George Brice, and Ben Henwood.  Click here to learn more.