Pat Deegan and Associates (PDA)
Certified Personal Medicine Coaching

Become a Certified Personal Medicine Coach

OCEACT and OSECE have partnered with Pat Deegan and Associates (PDA) to offer Certified Personal Medicine Coach (CPMC) training.

All OCEACT and OSECE staff are now Certified Personal Medicine Coaches and provide training to ACT and SE providers to become CPMCs.

The CPMC training curriculum was developed by Dr. Patricia Deegan, a clinical psychologist, an individual with lived experience of schizophrenia, and renowned advocate for recovery-oriented care. The training supports recovery for participants and shared decision-making for clinicians.

It offers a process of self-discovery for individuals living with mental illness to develop coping and wellness strategies uniquely suited to their values and lifestyle and reflect what is most meaningful to them. CPMCs are dedicated to making sure people discover their own power to get well and to stay well. CPMCs help to activate people in their own self-care, and this leads to better health outcomes.

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Certified Personal Medicine Coach (CPMC) Training
The CPMC Course cost $60 (payable to PDA) and combines online e-learning, practice and group video coaching over the 11-week course. Once certified, CPMCs are approved to use Personal Medicine, Personal Medicine Guides and Personal Medicine Cards with individuals and in groups. A CPMC is an expert in supporting people as they discover and use Personal Medicine in their recovery. If you are interested in becoming a CPMC or to learn more about the training, please contact Asia Gray