ACT Implementation in Oregon Article Published!

OCEACT would like to share with you a recent publication that OCEACT staff published about all the wonderful work ACT programs across Oregon have accomplished to implement high fidelity and recovery oriented services.

This article highlights some of the innovative strategies that Oregon has used to make ACT accessible to as many Oregonians as possible in urban, rural and frontier communities.

It is the results of your hard work and dedication that makes the success of ACT programs thrive.

OCEACT looks forward to our continued partnership with you to improve the quality of lives of individuals living with Serious Mental Illness by offering them ACT services and other evidence based practices. Helping individuals served by ACT programs live their best, most rewarding lives is our shared mission.

Click HERE to read the article celebrating ACT implementation in Oregon.

OCEACT Offering Quarterly ACT 101 Trainings in 2021!

OCEACT will be offering ACT 101 trainings this year quarterly!

Learn the basics of ACT. We will cover everything from the history of ACT, the make up of an ACT team, and the steps of implementing ACT. The training covers all the key components of the ACT model, including: the team approach; community based services, 24/7 crisis coverage; integrated dual disorder treatment; and integrated care.

ACT 101 Training – 2021 Quarterly offering!

March 2nd – 4th (8am – 12pm each day)  Click Here to Register

June 1st – 3rd (8am – 12pm each day) Click Here to Register

August 31st – Sept 2nd (8am – 12pm each day) Click Here to Register

Nov 30th – Dec 2nd (8am – 12pm) Click Here to Register


**Upon completion of each 3 day ACT 101 training, a certificate of 11.25 CEUs will be granted. CEU certificates will not be granted for partial attendance.  

OHA Announces Plan for Vaccine Distribution

Oregon Health Authority (OHA) announces initial plans for vaccine distribution to health providers
• ACT staff are considered priority health care providers as defined by the OHA.
• At this time, the vaccine is in limited supply and the specifics of the distribution plan will be informed by the Vaccine Advisory Committee which is expected to convene on 1/7/21.
What does that mean for you?
o Oregon has not yet received (nor has been allocated) enough vaccine to administer vaccine to all potential recipients in the health care provider priority group (Group 1, Phase1a).
o OHA is working to develop operational plans to connect individuals to vaccines as more vaccine arrives over these coming weeks and months.
o OHA will be posting more information about these operational plans in the coming weeks on their website .
o Another helpful website regarding COVID vaccines is:
o If you have questions in the meantime, please send them to OHA at:

OHA COVID Vaccine Distribution Plan December 2020