2020 OCEACT Conference Webinar Series Registration!!

2020 Annual Statewide OCEACT Conference

Due to the COVID-19 crisis, the 2020 Annual Statewide OCEACT Conference in Corvallis, Oregon was cancelled. However, OCEACT has organized a series of webinars with some of our scheduled presenters. 

CEUs will be offered for these webinars.

Please click on the link below to get details on each webinar series and links to register:

OCEACT Conference 2020 Webinar Series Registration



The Community Technical Assistance Center of NY is offering a free webinar: Wellness Self-Management for the COVID-19 Crisis

This webinar will be held on Thursday May 7th @ 11am PT


Many practitioners and recipients are familiar with Wellness Self-Management (WSM), a curriculum-based clinical practice designed to assist adults to effectively manage serious mental health problems. WSM lessons focus on recovery, mental health wellness, relapse prevention and more.

In response to the COVID-19 crisis, six new WSM lessons have been developed which can be used remotely (or face-to-face) in individual and group meetings.

The topics are:
• Understanding the Coronavirus and COVID-19
• Why Is It Important to Understand Our Stress During the COVID-19 Crisis?
• Identifying Your Personal Signs of Stress During the COVID-19 Crisis
• Coping with COVID-19: What works? What doesn’t?
• Being Connected with Other People is More Important Now than Ever
• Staying Physically Healthy During the COVID-19 Crisis
Please join us for this hour-long webinar focusing on these new WSM-COVID-19 lessons!

Changes to Oregon Medicaid Plan During COVID-19 Emergency

Please review the Approval Package to see the changes that were approved in the state 1915(i) plan as part of Medicaid Disaster relief. These changes are retroactive to 3/1/20 and will sunset at the end of the public health emergency.

The following are now approved to be provided by telehealth:
• Needs-based eligibility criteria evaluations and re-evaluations
• Person-centered service plan development and completion and monitoring
• Home-Based Habilitation; HCBS Behavioral Habilitation and Psychosocial rehabilitation to individuals who are being served in an inpatient setting to promote supports not otherwise provided by the acute care hospital and are designed to ensure smooth transitions between acute care and community based settings

OHA COVID-19 Webinar: Adapting MH Services for Children and Families

Monday April 27th from 1:30p-3:00p
Children’s Behavioral Health Outpatient and Community Based Provider COVID-19 Webinar: Adapting Mental Health Services for Children and Families:

Please register here:

They plan to include:
Welcome and Introductions
COVID-19 High level update – Dr. Jetmalani
Behavioral Health COVID-19 Response update – Steve Allen
Adapting Behavioral Health Services during COVID-19 – Chelsea Holcomb, Nat Jacobs, Fran Pearson and Laurie Theodorou
Resources – Chelsea Holcomb
Q&A and sharing/discussion