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Nurse Curriculum Modules

Each module has a downloadable PDF Manual and PowerPoint deck.

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Module A

Medication Management

Topics:  Setting up the medication room; Medication Administration Record; Management, Distribution & Cross Training; Administration; Assessing for side effects & monitoring: Lab requirements; Safety; Primer on mental health diagnosis and presentation for individuals typically served by ACT programs.

Module B

Performing Assets

Topics: Comprehensive nursing assessment domains; Medication side effects assessments; Health Screenings (PHQ-9, SLUMS, CRV- Suicide Screening and Assessment, Tobacco Screening); Triaging immediate health concerns; Active listening and shared decision making; Safety assessment; Complex care coordination and resources from Aging and Persons with Disabilities Services (APD).

Module C

Coordinating Care with the ACT Team

Topics:  Coordinating with the ACT prescriber; Working with pharmacies; Cross-training on medication delivery and side effects monitoring; Supporting participant goals; ACT team meetings and treatment planning; Generalist versus Specialist Role.

Module is still in production and not yet available.

Module D

ACT Nursing Interventions

Topics: Frequency and intensity of nursing contacts; Nursing Orders; Practicing within your Scope of Practice; Basic care; Therapeutic communication and symptoms; Crisis intervention services; Social skills training; Harm reduction (safe sex practices, substance use); Recovery-oriented practitioners.

Module is still in production and not yet available.

Module E

Health Promotion & Education

Topics: Health education and promotion for co-occurring health concerns (diabetes, cardiovascular disease, Smoking cessation); Basic health (hydration, sleep, nutrition, primary care visits, and screenings); Disease prevention and wellness; Exercise and movement; Overdose prevention.

Module is not yet available.

Module F

Supporting ACT in the Community

Topics:  Visiting ACT participants in jail (medication delivery and coordination); Tenancy supports and eviction prevention; Accompanying participants to wellness activities and doctor appointments; Modeling and coaching prosocial behavior; Accessing community resources and basic needs; Advocacy; Assertive Outreach; Community skill building; Specialist and Generalist Role.

Module is still in production and not yet available.

Module G

Performing Case Management

Topics:  Tracking providers to identify gaps in care; Coordinating care to health care specialists, Accompany ACT participants to medical appointments; Obtaining health care benefits; Appointment reminders; Helping with health insurance; Coordinate auxiliary health care such as Home Health Care.

Module is still in production and not yet available.

Module H

Supervision, Support, and Professional Development

Topics:  Supervision structure (ACT Team Lead, Prescriber, Medical Director); Support from OCEACT/state technical assistance center; Nursing licensure and certifications; Clear guidelines and communication (roles and responsibilities); ACT fidelity requirements; Tracking systems; Medical supplies and inventory; Quality assurance.

Module is still in production and not yet available.